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Hi I’m Wendee Meyers.

I classify myself as an advertising and media addict. I live for compelling advertisements, enticing campaigns, and social media updates. It is through this enjoyment that I found myself striving for a career in advertising. However, when I’m not enthralled in social media campaigns, I find my free time enjoying some of my favorite hobbies. From a young age, I have found refuge in arts and crafts. At times when I find myself stressed, I turn to scrap booking and crafting. There is something about designing a scrapbook or creating the newest craft find from pinterest that soothes me and puts me in a state of serenity. However, I also find thrill in the outdoors. Whether a hike around the bay area or rock climbing, the outdoors provides an adrenaline rush unlike anything else I can describe. Perhaps my biggest hobby that is not advertising related is my love for Disney. Although I’m sure some would not consider that a hobby, I credit growing up immersed in the company as a contributing factor to my childhood. Living only 20 minutes away, I would frequently scamper off to Disneyland after short days in elementary school and continued my love for the company throughout my adolescence and adulthood.

Each of these hobbies contributes to my personality. Although seemingly not related, each aspect of recreation that I find in my life impacts my well being along with my professional and academic success. Please continue reading to learn more about my academic success and my aspirations for the future.

I developed my love of advertising during the beginning of my high school career. After becoming immersed in yearbook throughout high school, I wanted to find a major that could enable me to continue my interest in layout production and advertising conception and development. Advertising seemed like the perfect outlet for this. After enduring countless advertising classes, it has continued to prove to be the correct major for me. With a love of media planning, campaign development, and marketing, I know a simple decision in high school has paved the way for what I will continue to pursue for the rest of my life.

By Winter 2012 I plan to have graduated San Jose State with my Bachelor of Science in Advertising. With this degree I aspire to find a career in the social media platform of advertising. This specific aspect of the industry intrigues me and I feel as though it is a growing medium with room to develop and enrich its advertising potentials. If this is not possible, I’d prefer to find a career in internet or outdoor advertising. I have always found guerilla advertising enticing and the excitement factor of not being bound to a piece of paper allows for creativity to soar. In whichever aspect of advertising I find a post-graduate career in, my ultimate career goal is to obtain a position in Disney’s advertising department.